Saturday, June 22, 2013

While this isn't teaching related...IT''S DEF TWIN RELATED!

Good morning wherever you's 2 am here! And I just love staying up late and preparing things for my little ones! It all started when I was a new teacher and my nasty habit of procrastination caused me to have to stay up all night to get something done but's all about preparing for the excitement! My Shug (my hubs) thinks I'm crazy and can't understand it...and I'm not sure I understand it either but it gets me all worked up over the next day's upcoming event!! Now that we have our own little ones, the all nighters occur more frequently! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and now their very own ONE YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY! Well, actually this is their second ONE YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY PARTY but still extremely exciting none-the-less. This years theme is none other than Dr. Seuss himself!

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Yay!!!! And all of our food is linked up to a book of his! How exciting this was to create for the boys! I enjoyed every single moment of creating this gathering for them! And it was a great excuse to buy/create some Dr. Seuss decor that I may be able to use in my classroom when I go back! Super exciting! It's like a two-for-one expense!!! 

I got the original inspiration from this wonderful blog post by kristi @ kristi.makes

I am not as talented as she but I did make a valiant effort! :) 
And the boys will love it (or not notice it) anyway!

I'm still making some things so I'll post some photos of the party tomorrow...meaning Monday! :) 

Truffula Trees:


Fish Bowl:

Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Set:


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