Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hello To You All!

Well, where I'm from, we'd say "y'all" but don't want my southern accent to steer any one away!! I am an  licensed elementary teacher living in North Carolina who has...TWIN BOYS! You guessed it! :) They are the most beautiful angels that ever walked the face of this Earth (Can you guess I'm a proud mommy?) and I have been blessed to stay at home with them for a year and maybe two! Yay! But I miss my teacher family so much! I love organizing, creating, planning, and the CHILDREN! So I am starting my official teaching blog today! TODAY! Yay! I'm so excited!!!
2010...I learned about blogs from my wonderful professor while in graduate school! She reminded us that it was important to have an online presence in the teaching community. And to have the opportunity to share with teachers across the nation or world for that matter! For one of our class assignments, we were to create a blog and post to it once a week and comment on our cohort's pages as well! At the time it seemed to tedious due to other assignments, lesson planning, etc! You all know how busy our lives can get! I completed my assignment by posting and commenting but only to my other colleagues.
LET'S FAST FORWARD TO THE PRESENT...I'm staying home with those beautiful boys and I need my teacher fix! Don't get me wrong...they keep me quite busy but you know how us teachers are! We crave learning new stuff and tricks of the trade! I have been so inspired by all of you teacher bloggers out there! First of all, to find the time to whip up these phenomenal blog posts and interesting ideas to try in the classroom is AMAZING! I applaud you 100%! And I want to join in the world of blogging too!! You have inspired me!!  And I hope maybe I can inspire you at some point! Right?! That's what we all do! INSPIRE...maybe they should change our names from TEACHERS to INSPIRERERS!  LOL spell check is having a fit over that word! :)
So my goal is to post at least once a week and to read teacher blogs at least 15 minutes everyday and make a comment or two as I go!
Please follow me on my journey!

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